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China Attempts to Leverage Its Private Sector to Increase Its Military Might

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is racing to develop command, control, communication, computerization, information, surveillance and recognition (C4ISR) capabilities.  China’s defense budget, currently $115 billion, has increased at a double-digit rate for the past 15 years.2  However, China is facing … Continue reading

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China: Quo Vadis?

China today is at a crossroads. There are many forces at play, both internally and externally. In both the economic and geopolitical realms, China is a country of dual  identities. Economically, China is in transition from a relationship-based system, exemplified by … Continue reading

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China, South Korea reach on FTA

South Korea and China started negotiations on the FTA in May 2012 and have held 14 rounds of negotiations since then, finally wrapped up 30 months of negotiations on a free trade pact on November 10th, a deal expected to … Continue reading

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World’s Most Unaffordable Housing

For the fourth consecutive year, Hong Kong has won the title of world’s No.1 most unaffordable housing — and in very convincing fashion. The median cost of a flat in Hong Kong is HK $4.02 million (US $515,000), 14.9 times … Continue reading

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People’s Bank of China Cuts Interest Rates Sharply -Insights into Chinese Economics

Surprisingly, the Chinese central bank declared a sharp interest rate cut by 40 basis points on Friday, 21th Nov 2014. With the release of this news, a debate began over the prospects this might bring for the second largest economy. … Continue reading

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Abe: to raise the consumption tax to 10% in 2017?

After the government lifted the consumption tax in Japan from 5% to 8% in this April, sign of Japanese economic recovery was about to be lost. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe postponed his original plan of increasing the consumption tax from … Continue reading

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Mr. Abe: increase women workers in Japanese workplace

Aging population and low fertility rate has been one of the most severe problems in Japan. In 2014, 25.9% of the population in Japan are senior people more than 65 years old. According to Statistical Handbook of Japan, the rate … Continue reading

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