How to write a post

Before you start, “accept” the invitation to open an account as an author on our blog.  Let me know if you haven’t received an invitation yet. Then log into the site when you are ready to post. At first, you might want to prepare your blog in Word first, and put that file and any visual materials in JPG files in a convenient place for uploading.

To make/upload a new post, log into your account and click on “New Post” on the top line. This gives you a form with spaces for the title and text of your post. Type them in, or copy them from the Word file you made in advance.  When done, click “Save Draft” in the upper right hand corner. Within a day or two we will review it and publish it.

To edit an already existing post, log into your account, click on “Dashboard” and then “Post” and then click on the title of the post that you want to change.

To put a picture into your post:
1. Move your cursor in the text of your blog to where you want the picture.
2. Click on “Add Media” above the text, which opens a new media page.
3. Pick up (from your computer) and drop (into the media page) your picture file.
4. Click on “Insert into post” at the bottom of the media page.
5. If you don’t like the location or size of your picture, you can later edit it by selecting the picture and clicking on the pencil (edit) symbol.

Good luck!
Peter Petri

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