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Consumption Tax Increase a Necessary Next Step for Japan

Decades of deflation and economic stagnation has left Japan in a struggle to restore fiscal health. However, despite outrageous public debt levels (over 200% of GDP), the country’s rapidly aging population has put pressure on the government to increase spending … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Protest against Trade Agreement with China: Political or Economic Issue?

Since the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement was carelessly passed in Legislative Yuan in Taiwan, thousands of Taiwanese people disappointed and occupied legislative Yuan, hoping that President Ma can withdraw this agreement and publish a related law to regulate the process … Continue reading

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Indonesia: An Inevitable Choice of Economic Transformation

Indonesia’s growth rate is expected to slow down in the next coming years from an average rate of 6.5% per year in the last decade to a rate of 5% to 5.5% and there is the risk that Indonesia fall … Continue reading

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China’s contribution to the Energy self-sufficiency of the US

During 2000s the innovations and initiatives by the private and the public entities disrupted the US solar energy sector to make solar technology more affordable and efficient. The solar energy deployment in the US increased by 17% in 2007, the … Continue reading

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