China’s challenges

Huai-Chun Yu

After the secrecy of the procedure by China’s top leaders is selected. Xi Jinping announced human touched speech compare to other Chinese officials. “ Our people have great enthusiasm, hope for better education, stable jobs, satisfactory income, higher standards of medical services.” It brought up the experts to detail the 5 challenges for China.  The 5 challenges would be Factional divisions, more spending less saving, Pouring water on disputes, too many men, and also learning the three Rs.


China’s commentator Willy Lam presented that noting, “Even before the birth of the People’s Republic in 1949, the party had fought over the future direction of the China.” The party’s struggle was between two lines since Mao’s rule, which has become morphology into divisions according to family ties to revolutionary leaders and from powerful mentors. Since the 1990, three majority groups emerged within the party, which also control the country are The Shanghai faction leads by the president Jiang Zemin, the Communist Youth League also named CYL faction leads by former President Hu Jintao, and the Gang of Princelings faction leads by current president Xi Jinping. Despite the three parties apparent differences, but the factions are having a solid consensus on the major goals for China. The challenge would be monopoly on power over key factors from gas to banking and telecommunications, but the China’s economy are being more integrated with the global market.

China has issue on more spending and less saving on their income morphology. In 2011, the experts found out that the top ten percent of income earners are sitting on most of the wealth. On the other hand, the low savings rate of most Chinese households surveyed showed that the most households do not have the money to spend. The key to improve a consumer-based economy is to raising the income and spending levels for the poor.

The China’s foreign policy is keen to prevent other countries from concluding that China has discarded the peaceful rise. For instance, in recent days, Chinese media have been reported Chinese ships to expel Japanese Coast Guard boats. China attempted to remind the world that the troubles were all started by Tokyo. But the new leader would prefer not want to look weak, thus blunting the edge of the note of the peaceful rise for the foreign policy.

China was trying to limit the born ratio, so began the one child policy in 1970. Also based on the cultural bias led the male ratio led the Chinese society to millions of men. China would have to deal the issue otherwise would raise problem such as number of men who will never find a mate. It would make the society allows powerful men to take several wives; few women remain for poor men to take even a single wife.

china2Lastly, I think the most important issue that China would have to focus on in the future is learning the three Rs. The biggest challenges would be securing the water, food and air pollution. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in United Nation announced that China has only 7 percent of potable water and less than 10 percent of the world’s cultivated land of the world, but they it has to feed almost 20 per cent of the world’s population. The image shows that Beijing and other parts of the northeastern China are already have water stressed. Also the air quality in few cities such as Chongqing is abysmal, the farming land is being poisoned by toxic. It is a big threatens to China because when natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or any other factored happened; it will make China to become really bleak.


Experts detail 5 challenges for China

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